Reorienting matrices for online data

Submitted by YAN Chao-Gan on

Given the amount of time and effort for interactive reorienting, here we released the reorient matrices for some of the publicly released data. Please download and unzip the related file, and then put the folder of “DownloadedReorientMats” under your working directory.

1. Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE) (Di Martino et al., in press) ( Please download:

Chao-Gan YAN: 0050002 – 0050011 T1 and functional images; 0050724 – 0051146 T1 and functional images.
Zhen YANG: 0050012 – 0050359 T1 and functional images.
Cameron Craddock: 0050360 – 0050472 T1 images.
Qingyang LI: 0050360 – 0050472 functional images; 0050473 – 0050723 T1 and functional images; 0051147 – 0051607 T1 and functional images.
2. ‘1000 Functional Connectomes’ Project (Biswal et al., 2010) ( The sites included here are the same as used in Yan et al., 2013. Of note, the data of Beijing site is from Beijing Enhanced Sample: Please download (CGY)
3. NYU test-retest dataset (NYU TRT) (Shehzad et al., 2009; Zuo et al., 2010) ( Please download (CGY)
4. NYU ADHD -- this is a part of ADHD 200 sample (ADHD-200- Consortium, 2012) ( Please download (CGY)
ADHD-200-Consortium, 2012. The ADHD-200 Consortium: A Model to Advance the Translational Potential of Neuroimaging in Clinical Neuroscience. Front Syst Neurosci 6, 62.
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