A message to Bronze Sponsors

Dear Bronze Sponsors,

We thank you very much for your generous help to The R-fMRI Network: a network for supporting resting-state fMRI related studies!

The R-fMRI Network (rfmri.org) has been designed as a professional academic framework to support R-fMRI studies. The R-fMRI Network comprises R-fMRI researchers (the nodes) who are connected by sharing (the edges) with each other. Through the network, we can efficiently share ideas, comments, resources, tools, experiences, data, and our increasing knowledge of the brain. Researchers (nodes) with basic neuroscience, methodological, or clinical backgrounds can connect with each other in the network. We hope the R-fMRI Network will help to enhance collaborations among researchers, especially to translate our knowledge of basic neuroscience and methodology to clinical applications (bench to bedside).

We promise you that we will help you to reach out our excellent audience: each of our audience holds a Ph.D. or M.D. degree, or at least is a candidate for these degrees.

1.     You will be displayed at http://rfmri.org/Sponsors.

2.     For other reach out ways, please upgrate to >= Silver Sponsor level: http://rfmri.org/MessageToSilverSponsors

Please contact PR#rfmri.org now to reach out this excellent audience!