Welcome, Mr. Qingyang Li, M.S., the PRN Content Editor

Submitted by YAN Chao-Gan on

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Qingyang Li, M.S., has accepted the position as a part time Content Editor at the Preprints of the R-fMRI Network (PRN)!

His obligations as a content editor are as follows:

·      Compensation at $1000 per issue*.

·      Check the format of the submissions and communicate with the submission authors until the format is correct.

·      Contact the corresponding author to confirm his/her approval of submission.

·      Communicate with the consultants to notify new submissions and their potential ratings and possible comments.

·      Summarize the articles of “consultants’ choice” and “readers’ choice” as well as the top active articles, which demonstrated the most active comments and revisions.

·      Rank the activities of the consultants, re-activate inactive consultants, send gifts to the top 3 consultants each month.

·      Summarize exemplar models of interactive and collaborative public PAPER projects at My Research Network, to spur the feedback and revision of the articles, and spur the interactive and collaborative atmosphere of The R-fMRI Network (rfmri.org).

·      Raise fund for The R-fMRI Network (the $1000 compensation comes from the community contributed fund)*.

·      Help the Initiator to make the PRN articles to be indexed by Google Scholar and even by PubMed.

·      Communicate with the art editor and the Initiator to push the beautiful Web version and the excellent PDF version of the monthly issue online.

·      Other obligations based on mutual agreement with the Initiator.

*The PRN is a community funded effort. If we failed to raise enough fund (i.e., >$1200), Mr. Qingyang Li, the content editor, has agreed to work at a reduced compensation, thus we can continue the PRN effort.


We are so glad to have Mr. Li working here, we believe we can move the PRN effort ahead. We are pretty confident that the PRN effort will not be aborted as we can minimize our monthly cost as low as $1200.

1.     Web space: $99.99/mo. The PRN is going to running on the same web space as The R-fMRI Network (RFMRI.ORG), thus it cost $99.99/mo. The PRN will not have a paper edition, unless the readers strongly request that and pay an extremely high fee.

2.     Web programmer: $0/mo. Dr. Chao-Gan Yan, the Initiator of PRN, who is a relatively excellent web programmer (proof: The R-fMRI Network (RFMRI.ORG)) has agreed work for free as a web programmer.

3.     Editor in Chief: $0/mo. Dr . Chao-Gan Yan, the Initiator of PRN, has agreed to work for free as the Editor in Chief (design the architect, fund raising, communicate with consultants, oversee the Content Editor and Art Editor, and make the PRN effort happen).

4.     Content Editor: $1000/issue, based on fund raising status. Mr. Qingyang Li, the PRN Content Editor, has agreed to work at a compensation of $1000/mo. And he has agreed to work on a reduced compensation if we failed to raise enough fund (i.e., > $1200/mo).

5.     Art Editor: $100/issue. This position is still open for application, we will guarantee $100/issue for the Art Editor.

Thus, the minimum cost of PRN is $1200 per month. Up to August 30th, 10 contributors have a $103 contribution in total! Thus we are kind of confident we can raise enough fund to run the PRN.

Please help us to turn the “kind of” confidence into reality!!! Please make your contributions at http://rfmri.org/HelpUs TODAY!

AND, please prepare your manuscript for the “peer-viewed” preprint PRN (first issue targeting January, 2015), and be prepared to receive the comments, then to revise your manuscript and submit to a traditional “peer-reviewed” Journal.

Let's look forward to the PRN!