about reliability of the Reho

I've been doing research on Reho reliability recently.In the meantime, I use DPARSFA for data preprocessing,Then I had some problems.first,Should I choose smooth derivatives?second,if I choose smooth derivatives,I'll get two folders :Results and ResultsS. I will get the mReho,Reho,zReho and smReho ,sReho ,szReho,Which file is generally used to analyze the reliability of Reho?




thanks,if I choose the szReho to do the reliability research,how to compare the effects of different preprocessing steps on reho reliability ?because I want to conduct Reho and its TRT reliability analyses based on the data regressed out head motion, white matter,CSF signals(MC+WM/CSF) and spatially smoothed ( MC+WM/CSF+SM).how  to do this reseach though the dparsf?There is four smoooth button,which smooth I should choose ?choose 'smooth derivation' for the first preproces , choose 'smooth'and 'smooth derivation' for the second preproces?


I think that's ok.