Activation outside the brain

I am doing an analysis using DPRSFA V_2.1 and Matlab 2015b.​ ​Unfortunately, when I complete the below-described analysis, ​I ​am getting​ ​significant ​activation outside of the brain​ (please see ​the picture in ​the ​attachment​)​. ​Would anyone know what could be the cause of th​is​? 
​To describe my analysis, ​I have data from two groups of subjects, acquired with different scanning parameters. One group: TR 2.3, vox size 3x3x3, second group TR 2.3 vox size 4x4x4.
Steps I did:
Preprocessing (separately for both groups):
Remove first 10 time points
Segmentation (New Segment + DARTEL) 
Normalisation (by DARTEL; Voxel Size: 4x4x4)
Nuisance Covariates Regression (Rigid Body 6, method: CompCor)
Smoothing (6 6 6)
Functional Connectivity (with defined ROIs - spheres)
Second Level Analysis (for both groups together) - in SPM12. 
I would really appreciate any help in identifying the problem.
Best regards,
Emilia Cheladze
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The outside brain results might be caused by coverage issues. You can ignore them.