After reorientation, this error happens

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are fine. I am doing a test of rs-MRI analysis of one subject using DPABI and aftr the step of reorientation I got this message

Reorienting Functional Images Interactively for Sub_001: OK
Apply Reorient Mats to functional images for Sub_001: OK
Bet begin...
Chris Rorden's dcm2nii :: 2MAY2016 64bit BSD License  :: (upgrade to dcm2niix suggested) 
reading preferences file E:\MATLAB\toolbox\dpabi\DPARSF\dcm2nii\dcm2nii.ini 
0 E:\MATLAB\toolbox\dpabi\DPARSF\dcm2nii\dcm2nii.exe ERROR: unable to find folder\RealignParameter\Sub_001 E:\MATLAB\bin\New folder\RealignParameter\Sub_001\Bet_meanaSub_001BeforeBet.img 
Either drag and drop or specify command line options: 
  dcm2nii <options> <sourcenames> 
-4 Create 4D volumes, else DTI/fMRI saved as many 3D volumes: Y,N = N 
-3 Create planar RGB images: Y,N = N 
-a Anonymize [remove identifying information]: Y,N = Y 
-b Load settings from specified inifile, e.g. '-b C:\set\t1.ini'   
-c Collapse input folders: Y,N = N 
-d Date in filename [filename.dcm -> 20061230122032.nii]: Y,N = Y 
-e Events (series/acq) in filename [filename.dcm -> s002a003.nii]: Y,N = Y 
-f Source filename [e.g. filename.par -> filename.nii]: Y,N = N 
-g Gzip output, filename.nii.gz [ignored if '-n n']: Y,N = N 
-i ID  in filename [filename.dcm -> johndoe.nii]: Y,N = Y 
-k sKip initial n volumes in fMRI, e.g. '-k 2':  = 0 
-l pLanar RGB (Y=old Analyze; N=new VTK NIfTI): Y,N = N 
-m Manually prompt user to specify output format [NIfTI input only]: Y,N = N 
-n Output .nii file [if no, create .hdr/.img pair]: Y,N = N 
-o Output Directory, e.g. 'C:\TEMP' (if unspecified, source directory is used) 
-p Protocol in filename [filename.dcm -> TFE_T1.nii]: Y,N = Y 
-r Reorient image to nearest orthogonal: Y,N  
-s SPM2/Analyze not SPM5/NIfTI [ignored if '-n y']: Y,N = Y 
-t Text report (patient and scan details): Y,N = N 
-v Convert every image in the directory: Y,N = N 
-x Reorient and crop 3D NIfTI images: Y,N = N 
  You can also set defaults by editing E:\MATLAB\toolbox\dpabi\DPARSF\dcm2nii\dcm2nii.ini 
EXAMPLE: dcm2nii -a y -o C:\TEMP C:\DICOM\input1.par C:\input2.par 
Hit <Enter> to exit. 

and press ENTER this error appears

Can't open E:\MATLAB\bin\New.hdr 
Error using y_Read (line 54)
File doesn't exist: E:\MATLAB\bin\New folder\RealignParameter\Sub_001\Bet_meanaSub_001AfterBet.img
Error in y_Call_bet (line 65)
    Data = y_Read(fullfile(OutPath,[OutFile,'AfterBet.img']));
Error in DPARSFA_run (line 1370)
                y_Call_bet(MeanFile, OutputFile_Temp, '-f 0.3', AutoDataProcessParameter.DataProcessDir); %YAN
                Chao-Gan, 190710. y_Call_bet(MeanFile, OutputFile_Temp, '-f 0.3');
Error in DPARSFA>pushbuttonRun_Callback (line 1795)
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95)
Error in DPARSFA (line 30)
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});

Error while evaluating UIControl Callback. 

What is the error here?

E:\MATLAB\bin\New folder\

Pleae remove space in your path.