All NaN in mALFF

Dear Dr. Chao-Gan Yan,

I use DPARSFA software to perform my resting state analyses.
However, this time there is something strange: many mALFF images are entirely NaN (see example attached). 
Nevertheless all the ALFF, fALFF and mfALFF included signal and the weighted images seem to be fine.
May you explain me why this happen and how I can fix this error?
Thank you very much in advance,



Binary Data ALFF1.04 MB
Binary Data mALFF1.04 MB

Please check if there is any NaN or Inf values in your ALFF maps.

I don't know. The ALFF image seems to be normal.

However, the file is attached if you would like to check.

And how the error can be solved then?


Thank you

There are NaN values in your image.

You should:

[Data Head]=y_Read('XXX/XX.nii');