when I try to do AlphaSim by DPABI, it warning:Dpabi Alphasim should not be used. 

if it means we can't use DPABI to do alphasim any more?

thank you so much!


DPABI still provide this function, but according to our recent work, dpabi AlphaSim may lead to unacceptable false positive rates (please refer to Thus, we suggest you not to use it. Though you can still use it (Just ignore the warning).



thank you so much. I'll try other ways to correct.

再请教一下,我用最新版的dpabi做alphsim时,试图选择p<0.001,估计1000次的方法来看看结果。但在选择mask时有些困惑:我看到严超赣老师在视频讲解的时候选的似乎是dpabi自带的那个mask, 想请教下这个mask在这里有什么意义?我们估计其实是基于dpabi里选择的overlay里那个t检验的结果吗?那跟这个选mask有什么关系呢?

Generating a group mask (DPABI->Quality Control->Generate Group Mask) is the best way.