AlphaSim thresholding

Hi experts,

I have a question about AlphaSim correction and how to correclty apply a threshold. I'm pretty new to the field, so my question might be very simple for you.

Basically I'd like to apply a threshold o voxel p 0.005, cluster p 0.05 to my T map.

Once I've loaded my T image on the viewer, I've opened alpha sim option and selected a mask and voxel p value (0.005), I run alpha sim and I get my txt output. At this point I look for alpha 0.05 and use the cluster size indicated in the same line as minimum cluster size using the option 'set cluster size'.

So fare everything's clear. My question is maybe very simple: in order to correclty threshold the mask should I now select the same P value in the blank box (close to the thresholding bar) as the one I used to run alphasim (the  'voxel p value'? Do those 2 p values need to be the same? Am I talking of the same thing or are they two different things?

Thank you


They should be the same.