Anyone who knows this error? I have never seen this

My data flie names used to begin with "A", which can cause error. To avoid that error, I change the names into number "1, 2, ... , n". And this time I chose 2 tamplets when I defined the ROI. And this time a new error appears when it comes to the step of reorient. 

My data form is NIfTI, and I didn't choose "EPI DICOM to NIFTI" during my set up process.

Thank you for reading! Looking forward to your reply!

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Please check whether you choose the "T1 dicom to NIFTI" option

I'm sure that didn't choosethe "T1 dicom to NIFTI" option. I finally restart my computer and run it again and that time it didn't occur that error.

However, today I meet this error again.

Do you know other possible reason or treatment?

Looking forward to your reply!

There is Chinese character in your path.

Dear Dr.Yan,

Thank you for your reply!

I changed the working directory into English, and now all my fold are named in English. And I also reset the path in MATLAB, however, when running to "bet", the error I mentioned last time came again (see attechment 3).....I then update to DPABI_V4.0_190305, however, these two errors still can't be solved...

I'm really anxious. All my partners meet errors recently even when using the data which used to be successfully run with the same set before. 

I'd appreciate it very much if you can help me solve this problem as soon as possible!


What's the error report for bet?