Applying High-pass filtering with DPARSFA 5.0


1) I need to High-pass filter my data. Since my TR is 1.3 (multiband sequence), I simply typed [0.01 - 0.3] in the GUI. Is it safe enough? Or maybe should I do anything else?

2) Also,  I wonder whether there is any difference between filtering the data from the GUI's preprocessing section (which is my case, please see attached image), and filtering  from the FC section.  

3) Open question, from which I do not expect bynary (do/don't do ) answers.  Just, opinions:  How about not filtering rs-fMRI data?

Thanks in advance and wish you a good day.

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1. 1/1.3/2=0.3846. 0.3 is not enough.

2. Yes.

3. If following the tradition, you should filter the data. But it depends on your hypothesis.