Compatibilty of DPABI/DPARSF with BRAPH


I used DPARSFA to extract ROI time courses of one subject in order to be able to perform graph theory analysis (in BRAPH). I dont know if you know this software tool but if you dont maybe you can read this artcile: 'BRAPH: A graph theory software for the analysis of brain connectivity'.

So, this BRAPH software needs xls format files for the ROI time course series. I tried to import these files in BRAPH and it was not possible to proceed the analysis. Also, the files are quite different (in terms of rows and columns and its entries) in comparison with a dataset base files (extracted from the BRAPH website as an example).

My question is if the results from DPARSF are compatible with BRAPH software. Or if you know some error that I might be doing.

Let me know if you have some answer for my doubt.

Thank you very much.


Laeticia Henriques

Hi Laeticia,

another solution could be to use GraphVar, which directly works with DPARSF output. GraphVar is a user-friendly toolbox for comprehensive graph analyses of functional brain connectivity.
All the best,