Do the ROI templates apply to process monkey data In DPABI?


    Recentlty, I have been processing my monkey data in DPABI. According to template paremetes, I do not execute brain extraction and nusiance covariates regression, due to there were  error in bet and nusiance covariates regression will lead to a bad result.

   I have some questions about monkey data processing,

   1、I want to extract DMN as ROI, Can the DMN template in dpabi be applied to monkey data? If not, how can I define the DMM in whole monkey brain ? Or can I use gift toolbox to calculate the DMN ? 

  2、 How can I comare the DMN differences of two subjects?

  3、 Can I do bet operation before slice timing? will it influent the results?  I use fsl to bet my 4D .nii data, but the 3d volume is not integreted, does it because head motion? If I do not bet, in the last, the results can be overlay on anatomical image?

   4 、 If one subject  have been scaned multple sessions, when T1img coregister to FunImg, DPABI use the meanImage of multiple sessions of FunImg? 

I will  appreciate if you can reply!!





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1. You can define PCC and calculate FC. Or use GIFTI. Human's DMN template is not appropriate for monkeys.

2. You need to have two group of monkeys to perform group comparison. Two is not enough.

3. You can do bet at the beginning. Or simply skip it.

4. Yes. If you sent up multiple sessions. E.g., S2_FunImg ...