DPABI MATLAB error after orientation adjustment


I just tried running DPABI on RS fMRI data, but after orientation step and running the next steps, I got the error message I copied here. If you can help me how to interpret and fix that I really appreciate that.


xtracting ROI signals...
Reading images from "/Users/fxv104/Desktop/Faeze/DPABI/FunRaw/FunImgAR/sub_001/rasubj001.nii" etc.
Error using y_ExtractROISignal (line 189)
File doesn't exist or wrong ROI definition, please check:
Error in DPARSFA_run (line 2700)
        parfor i=1:AutoDataProcessParameter.SubjectNum
Error in DPARSFA>pushbuttonRun_Callback (line 1845)
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95)
Error in DPARSFA (line 30)
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.
Thank you very much 

You are normalizing using EPI templates?

Then you should perform nuisance regression after spatial normalization.

Dr. Chao Gan

Thank you for your answer. This just worked. I wanted to get FC map, but after getting results for one single subject, it shows 2233 ROI maps by 8 different masks. It is a bit hard for me to interpret the these outputs. My goal is just to get one single FC map for from gray matter mask. Can you please help me how to do any more setting or organazie the output to get that? Thank you so much for your help.



You have to define your own ROI by click "Define ROI".

Dr. Chao-Gan

Thank you for your help. You are right by defining the ROI I could specify the how to get FC. The issue I have now is that I made a ROI mask and wanted to use it to constrain the FC map on this ROI, but the output shows me just one FC map on the whole brain, evern though I expected to get this on just the ROI mask (GM+Thalamus). So, do you have any idea how I have to interpret this result as FC map on ROI mask? or also how I have to constrain the FC measurement just in the ROI mask? 

There is another question regarding the kind of results as the output. I got two kinds of folder for each parameters including global and with global in the naming of folders. Can please clarify me which one I have to use and what is the difference between these two?

I really appreciate your help.



1. You can set a mask on the mask panel of DPARSF. That will constrain the FC area.

2. The one with "global" is with processing of global signal regression. You can check this paper to see which one you want.

Murphy, K., Fox, M.D. (2016). Towards a Consensus Regarding Global Signal Regression for Resting State Functional Connectivity MRI. Neuroimage, doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2016.11.052.