dpabi-Standardization module

Dear DPABI community,

I encountered some problems when using dpabi for dynamic ALFF and ReHo processing. So I want to ask you and hope that you can give me some solutions. Thanks. 

  • Firstly, Have CV and Std maps processed by TDA module of dpabi been standardized?
  • Second, If CV and Std maps need to be standardized, I don't understand the specific use of dpabi-Standardization module. Should I put Std or CV maps in the Image Directory? Is the Mask an automatically generated pre-processed gray mask?

  • Third, There are many methods in dpabi-Standardization module. If I want to calculate the dALFF values at each voxel divided by the global mean dALFF values within a grey matter mask, choose  Mean Division ?  If I want to transform CV or Std maps to standardized z-scores, choice Z-Standardization? As a matter of fact, I don't know which one is best.

Thank you and best wishes!