Hello, thank you for the wonderful effort at packaging the surface and volume based processing pipelines into one package.

One quick request for the next update of the package - Please include the RSFA measure 


I have been trying to follow the steps in DPABISurf and installed docker on my Mac OS (mac mini with Sierra v10.13), which has Matlab 2017. I am able to see the whale icon on my status bar, I am logged into docker, and the commands 'docker version, 'docker run hello-world' all run fine. I also newly installed freesurfer and have the location correctly pointing to the license.txt file. But when I run DPABISurf, after generating and completing FunImg and T1Img, it runs into issues and gives the error, 'docker command not found'. What could I do to resolve this please?

Specifically, When I start dpabi, under install DPABISurf, for pull DPABISurf docker, I pulled from local file; is this correct?

Another question - Should I be installing freesurfer in the docker environment? [when freesurfer asked location for install, I picked Mac HD, should I be picking Docker instead?]


Appreciate any help.

Thank you.


You can start matlab from terminal, thus matlab can access docker command with correct path.

You can just pull docker from online docker hub.

You don't need to install freesurfer as it already included in dpabi docker.