Error after smoothing

When I did preprocessing for task fMRI data using DPARSFA 3.1, error was reported by matlab after smoothing:
Error using matlabpool (line 144)
Failed to open matlabpool. (For information in addition to the causing error, validate the profile 'local' in the Cluster Profile Manager.)
Error in DPARSFA>editParallelWorkersNumber_Callback (line 1579)
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 96)
Error in DPARSFA (line 30)
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
Caused by:
    Error using parallel.internal.pool.InteractiveClient>iThrowIfBadParallelJobStatus (line 780)
    The interactive communicating job errored with the following message: The local socket stopped communicating with the remote socket, most likely
    because the remote socket failed to respond before a timeout.
    The remote socket is null.
    The local socket is /
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback

Hi, this is because matlab cannot open parallel computing pool.
If you have installed parallel computing toolbox, you can retry the processing.