Error information about two sample t-test of dynamic ALFF

Dear Prof. Yan,
When I did two sample t-test of dynamic ALFF, the error information showed as follows,
Reading images from "F:\exp\ALFF_sub_10001.nii" etc.
Assignment has more non-singleton rhs dimensions than non-singleton
Error in y_ReadAll (line 109)
                Data(:,:,:,j) = single(DataTemp);
Error in y_TTest2_Image (line 40)
    [AllVolume,VoxelSize,theImgFileList, Header] = y_ReadAll(DependentDirs{i});
Error in DPABI_STAT_TOOL>ComputeButton_Callback (line 531)
        y_TTest2_Image(S, OutputName, MaskFile, ImageCell, TextCell, PALMSettings);
Error in gui_mainfcn (line 96)
Error in DPABI_STAT_TOOL (line 42)
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
Error in @(hObject,eventdata)DPABI_STAT_TOOL('ComputeButton_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject))
Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback
Thanks a lot!
Best wishes,

You should use CV or STD other than the 4D dynamic indices for t-tests.

Dear Prof. Yan,

1. Is CV means Concordance Value? The voxel or volume-wise concordance can be obtained in the TemporalDynamics fold. Is that the right understanding?

2. Is STD means Standard Deviation? I cannot find the values in the TemporalDynamics fold. How can I get the STD?

Thanks a lot!

Best wishes,


CV is coefficient of variance.

STD is standard deviation.

They are in the temporaldynamicsmetrics directory other than the temporaldynamics4d directory.