Error in y_Read y_FD_Jenkison script

Dear Dr Yan,


I have encountered a problem while running DPARSF advanced (DPARSF_V4.3_170105). 


I am running matlab 2015a. In the realignment step, I receive an error when it tries to run the y_FD_Jenkinson.m. I have attached a printscreen of the error message. 


It looks like it does not understand the y_Read command in the y_FD_Jenkinson.m script 


I tried both the previous and current version of DPARSF and I tried SPM8 and SPM12 and they all give me the same error. 


I was wondering if you could provide some advice on how to solve this problem?


Thanks for your help.





Image icon DPARSF_error.png37.23 KB

the y_Read error I posted a few days earlier has been solved so no need to reply to my earlier post.