Fieldmap correction - phase

Dear DPABI team,

first of all I would like to thank you again for your great work which is very helpful. And then I hope I haven't missed an answer already given to my question. If so, I apologize.

After running the fieldmap correction on my resting state data I was wondering in which direction the fieldmap correction is applied. My data is acquired anterior -> posterior and it seems that after the correction the corrected areas moved more posterior although I would have expected anterior after the fieldmap correction. I thought that DPARSFA would use the phase information from my .json files (because my fieldmaps are already in .nii files which I'm giving into the toolbox), is this correct or have I missed something in the DPARSFA run script where it is noted.

Many thanks in advance.

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1. You can check FieldMap/VDMImg

2. The FunImgAR files were applied fieldmap correction. See Line 910 in DPARSFA_run.m