Functional Connectivity and statistical questions

Dear professor Yan, 

I'm using the dpabi toolbox to calculate functional connectivity for two group of subjects and trying to compare the result, and I have the 3 following questions:

1. Which text file I should select to put into network analysis for graphic properties: the one from 'ROISignals_FunImgARCWS' or the one from 'ROISignals_FunImgARglobalCWS'?

2. The similar one with the first: which result I should look at if I want to compare FC results between the two group: the ones from 'FC_FunImgARCWS' or 'FC_FunImgARglobalCWS'?

3.I defined 8 ROIs in the preprocessing step, and I got 8 zROIxFCMap_Sub_001.nii files for each subjects.

Shall I merge the 8 nill files for each subject before statistical analysis? like the below: 

Group 1 (zROImergedFCMap_Sub_001,zROImergedFCMap_Sub_002...)

Group 2 (ROImergedFCMap_Sub_001,zROImergedFCMap_Sub_002...)

Or I compare them seperately, for 8 times (8 two sample t-tests):

Group 1 (zROI1FCMap_Sub_001,zROI1FCMap_Sub_002...)

Group 2 (ROI1FCMap_Sub_001,zROI1FCMap_Sub_002...)//

Group 1 (zROI2FCMap_Sub_001,zROI2FCMap_Sub_002...)

Group 2 (ROI2FCMap_Sub_001,zROI2FCMap_Sub_002...)//


Group 1 (zROI8FCMap_Sub_001,zROI2FCMap_Sub_002...)

Group 2 (ROI8FCMap_Sub_001,zROI2FCMap_Sub_002...)//

I would be truly appreciated if you could give me some help! 


1.2. Depends if you want to do GSR or not.

3. Seperately.