Generate group mask - wautomask missing

Dear DPABI team,

I try to create the 90% EPI coverage mask using the respective function in quality control. I preprocessed the data using DPABIsurf pipeline and fMRIprep. 

I keep getting the error message 

Reading images from "/Users/julian/Documents/Research/DPABI_Surf_neworder/Masks/AutoMasks/wAutoMask_Sub_001.nii" etc.

Error using y_Read (line 54)

File doesn't exist: /Users/julian/Documents/Research/DPABI_Surf_neworder/Masks/AutoMasks/wAutoMask_Sub_001.nii
In my Masks/AutoMasks folder I have files named this way for each subject: 
Checking the respective script, I thought DPABI would also be able to detect this new naming convention.
My colleague is experiencing the same problem on a different machine with a different data sample.
What am I missing?
Thank you very much!

I think you entered the wroing GUI of QC.

You should go DPABI->DPABISurf->Quality Control

orther than DPABI->Quality Control