Head motion srcubbing regressors and reference slice


I'm having some problems with my data when I perform scrubbing, where a lot of  time points are deleted from my data (the ones with large head motion). I would like to know in this case which regressors file should I use in SPM analysis. When  are just  a few of time points removed I know how to  do it manually. I tried to check  the Head motion srcubbing regressors box and see if I would have a txt file with the regressors, but that didnt happened. It is supposed to Head motion srcubbing regressors box  create this txt regressors file or not? 

Another question is: When my slice number is even how to know my reference slice? Is using sliceOrder(Ceil(SliceNumber/2))  just like for the odds ones? I saw your videos  but I was a little confused.

 Thank you for all your help!
Inalinda Fonseca.


Hi Inalinda,

1. In FunImgXXXCovs, you can find CovariablesSubXXX.txt. The head motion scrubbing regressors are there. (With one 1 and rest 0s).

2. If you are using SEIMENS, should be 1. GE should be SliceNumber/2. Anyway, sliceOrder(Ceil(SliceNumber/2)) is OK.