HeadMotion.tsv orders of magnitude


I'm doing scrubbing and would like to know how many timepoints are deleted according to FD Power. I looked into the HeadMotion.tsv file but I am not sure what orders of magnitude are correct. For example, I have 190 timepoints in my data," Number of FD_Power > 0.2" is 58 which stands for 30.5% of the data. However, "Percent  of FD_Power > 0.2" is 0.305. So, it seems like the  the "Percent  of FD_Power > 0.2" is two orders of magnitude off.

Thank you in advance for help,


Emilia Cheladze

Hi Emilia,
Here Percent  of FD_Power > 0.2 is the actually number: 0.305=30.5%.