How to perform spectral DCM analysis

Dear experts,
I was wondering how to perform spectral dynamic causal model (spDCM) analysis on the resting state MRI data preprocessed by DPARSFA. As I know, to perform a spDCM analysis in SPM12, I must first extract volumes of interest (VOIs) in SPM. In the manual of SPM12, before extracting VOIs, I need to regress out nuisance covariates in SPM. However, nuisance regressors have been regressed out when the data are preprocessed in DPARSFA. 
According to a published article (Kajimura, Kochiyama, Nakai, Abe, & Nomura, M, 2016), the DPARSFA preprocessed data should be entered into the simple general linear model with a constant term (no high-pass filter and no nuisance regressors) in SPM, and then VOIs can be extracted. However, when I tried to specifiy and estimate this model in SPM's first-level analysis, SPM12 showed me an error "Please check your data: There are no significant voxels". I do not know why this error occurs. Could you please tell me how to extract VOIs for spDCM analysis after the preprocessing in DPARSFA?
Thank you very much for your attention.
Yours Sincerely,
Xiao Hu