How to response the reviewer's comments about using degree centrality as the measure to identify hubs

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Dear Chaogan,

I need some help from you to response the comments from the reviewer. In the analysis, I used degree centrality to measure the developmental changes in hubs with age, but the reviewer questioned it, and proposed questions like 'Why have the authors used only degree centrality as the measure to identify hubs ? Are the results robust against other graph centrality measures such as the  betweenness centrality ?'

Could you please give me some suggestion on how to response it? Thanks so much.



YAN Chao-Gan

Mon, 10/12/2015 - 01:30

Hi Yaqiong,

This is a tough one.

I guess you can argue degree centrality is measuring a different aspect as compared with betweenness centrality. As far as your hypothesis, you are only interested in the global functional connectivity strength, thus you chose this measure.



Hi Chaogan,

Thanks so much. It is really helpful. Wish the reviewer would be satisfied with it. :)