How to view the results of F.nii after ancova analysis


Sorry to bother you again. I  performed ANCOVA analysis with dpabi and obtained 10 nii images including the F.nii map. But I cannot view the results of F.nii using dpabi viewer. Some parameters of the F.nii can be viewed  in dpabi viewer overlay list (see below). 

I performed GRF correction on the z maps of post-hoc analysis but no sigificant area obtained under the voxel p value of 0.001 and cluster p value of 0.05.  I wonder if I use the results of F.nii as mask file and perform two sample t tests, some areas mighte be obtained. Can I use this method to perfom statistics instead of using post-hoc analysis provided by dpabi? 

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Actually not. You didn't perform multiple comparison correction then.