Input data for PT TFCE


I am doing second-level rsfMRI analysis with fALFF data in ~530 participants and try to use PT with TFCE for multiple comparison. I´have a very basic problem: I didn't understand which file/folder to chose for 'Group Images' at the section statistical analysis of DPABI Toolbox.

I've already check the slides, which don't mention about input. website also doesn't give the clue.

Should I use fALFF maps? I would be happy to hear the right way to do it, before MATLAB would be unresponsive for hours..

Thank you!


Usually you organize all the szALFF files (under ResultsS) of patients in one directory, and szALFF files of controls into another directory.

Add group images means add patients' directory, adn then add controls' directory.

thanks for the answer!

however I tried first to aply one sample t test with 569 subjects and I got this error:

Reading images from "C:\Users\Incesoei\Documents\anosognosia_106\data\zmap\s6wT1z_msk_mc6_fALFF_011d501d1.nii" etc.
Error using zeros
Requested 256x256x192x569 (53.3GB) array exceeds maximum array size preference. Creation of arrays greater than this limit may take a long time and cause MATLAB to become unresponsive. See array size limit or preference panel for more information.
then I tried with only 9 subject and I got this:
Error using y_ReadAll (line 71)
The input name is not supported by y_ReadAll:

ok, i see that my inputName format ist not matching any of these:

% InputName - Could be the following format:
%                  1. A single file (.img/hdr, .nii, .nii.gz, or .gii), give the path and filename.
%                  2. A directory, under which could be 1) for NIfTI: a single 4D file, or a set of 3D images 
%                                                       2) for GIfTI: a single 2D file, or a set of 1D images
%                  3. A Cell (nFile * 1 cells) of filenames of 1) for NIfTI: 3D image file, or a single file of 4D NIfTI file.
%                                                              2) for GIfTI: 1D image file, or a single file of 2D GIfTI file.
so how shoud I proceed?
thanks for patience and help!

Probably downsample your images would be better. E.g., from 256x256x192 t0 61x73x61.