Inquiry about voxel size change

Dear Dr. Yan,

I have a question about changing voxel size.

I want to get ROI signal by applying Yeo atlas.

I have fMRI data with 3mm voxel size but there are only 1mm and 2mm voxel size Yeo atlas.

So I want to change 3mm voxel size to 2mm in the preprocessing process using DPABI.

Could I simply change voxel size on the DPABI like the image I uploaded?

Could you give me some advice on this problem?

Thank you.


Image icon presetting.png13.06 KB

You may preprocess the image with DPARSFA as the default settings, and then use the Image reslicer function in dpabi to reslice your atlas as same as the DPARSFA processed images.

Thank you for your reply.

But I don't want to change atlas. I want to change the voxel size of my data.  

Could I handle this with the above options?

You can set the voxel size to 2 2 2 in precessing, although this increased data processing time but without actually increase information.

Thank you for your reply.

I have one additional question.

Is there any information lost if the voxel size changes in the data? (Whether it lose the characteristics of the original data)

I am worried about it.

I always use dpabi well and it is a great help to me.

Thank you.



Yes, interpolation may cause information loss.

Is there a preprocessing method using DPABI without information loss?

Could you advise me about this problem?