The issue with ALFF, fALFF, ReHo and FC results

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Dear R-fMRI, 

1. I did pre-processing and got the ALFF, fALFF, ReHo results by DPARSF, and then I used zALFF, zfALFF, zReHo files for the 2 sample t-test which I did in the SPM12. But there are some activation regions outside the brain, and the results look very strange. What should I do? Do these results convincing? 

2. I generated two 3*3*3 amygdala masks from AAL altas, because my data is 3*3*3mm, and then I ran the FC analysis in DPARSF. But for the left amygdala FC map two sample t-test (in SPM12 too), I got the activation covered the CSF in one contrast, and the whole brain activation (one cluster) in another contrast. May I ask where do you think the problem could be?

Attached files are the results.

Thanks very much and look forward to your reply.

Best wishes