normalization of data and converting ROIs to MNI space


I preprocessed my resting fMRI data using a recent version of DPARSF (running off DPABI). I performed spatial normalization using EPI templates to convert to MNI space. I want to perform a seed-to-voxel resting connectivity analysis with the left-rostral-middle-frontal ROI as as a seed from the Desikan-Killiany probabilistic atlas. I could only find this atlas in Talaraich space in AFNI. I want to convert this ROI in Talaraich space to MNI space. The AFNI forum suggests a number of options including different affine transformations, Brett transformation, etc (see,70173,80922#msg-80922).

How does DPARSF execute the spatial normalization (using EPI templates)? Does DPARSF use affine transformation or another method? I want to use a similar method to convert the left-middle-frontal ROI to MNI space. Thanks for your help, and if you have any other suggestions regarding converting ROIs from TLRC to MNI space, let me know. I appreciate it.




8. Program for writing an image file from Talairach space into MNI space based on Jack Lancaster's tal2icbm_spm.m: y_tal2icbm_spm_Image.m

Thank you for sending the .mat file. I appreciate it!

I am going to begin working on writing up a manuscript next week. I have to write up details on the preprocessing. As I said, I performed normalization step using EPI templates in DPARSF-advanced (and did not register functional data to T1-MPRAGE images). What specific templates are used to register the functional images to MNI space? I believe it is the EPI.nii in the spm/templates directory? Is this right? Are there any other template images used for converting/normalizing to MNI space? I want to have these details documented (in case a reviewer requests such details be included in the Methods or Supplemental material). Thanks again for your assistance!


You are correct. EPI.nii