Regress covariates with DPARSF

Dear all, 

Thank you for the great toolbox. I am new at using DPARSF and I am still trying to familiarize with it. 

Specifically, I would need to regress out from my resting state data WM and CSF signals. I did all the preprocessing with SPM12, and used DPARSF to regress out nuisance covariates from my normalized images. Everything worked fine, I just have a doubt about  the output. I get txt files for each subjects, with 5 columns. My question is, as I am regressing out only the WM and CSF signals, what do the other columns of the  txt files represent? Which are the columns related to WM and CSF? I wanted to merge this txt file with my movement parameters file (obtained with SPM), but as I am not sure of their meaning I do not know how to proceed with this. Moreover, are the 4D CovRegressed volumes the input I should be using for my functional connectivity analysis? Or should I subtract those from the  normalized volumes?  

Thank you very much!




1. Please see The last to columns are WM and CSF.

2. 4D CovRegressed are the 4d residual after regression. You can input them to functional connectivity analysis.