regress out covariates 出错

您好, 我用最新版rest软件的utilities的regress out covariates去除被试利手影响,当处理患者组时报错,而处理对照组时不报错,dparsfa进行其他后处理都不报错,Reho和ALFF都能计算,就是去不了利手和年龄等一些协变量。麻烦帮忙看下什么地方出问题了,谢谢!
      Build mask. Wait...??? Error using ==> horzcat
CAT arguments dimensions are not consistent.
Error in ==> rest_RegressOutCovariates at 49
    theCovariables =[thePolOrt, theCovariables];
Error in ==> rest_RegressOutCovariates_gui>Run_Callback at 255
Error in ==> gui_mainfcn at 96
Error in ==> rest_RegressOutCovariates_gui at 28
    gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
??? Error while evaluating uicontrol Callback
    theCovariables =[thePolOrt, theCovariables];
elseif ~isempty(ACovariablesDef.ort_file) && ~all(isspace(ACovariablesDef.ort_file)),
    warning(sprintf('\n\nCovariables definition text file "%s" doesn''t exist, please check! I won''t regress out the covariables this time.', ACovariablesDef.ort_file));

The dimension of your covariates is not consistent with your data.

Thanks for your reply. I've solved this problem by using SPM. SPM can add these covariates and perform statistics  without any problem. Anyway, thanks a lot.

The version of matlab is too low (2010b), change another higher version and the problem solved. Thanks!