ReHo questions

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Would it be possible to implement calculation of a network homogeniety in the context of ReHo..  How would you do that? Would you just calculate KCC [Kendall's coefficient concordance] for all voxels within a given mask? (say, if we use Yeo's parcellation of major brain networks). Could you please suggest a function/script I can look into?


I was also thinking about possibility of implementing a dynamic ReHo analysis in DPARSFA to run it either with sliding-window or maybe even for each TR separately (the latter probably wouldn't work, as you actually need  a time-series to estimate KCC)? Do you have any suggestions Re this?

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Hi Alex,

1. Try to read y_reho.m and modify mask_block = mask(i-1:i+1,j-1:j+1,k-1:k+1); to the network you want.

2. We don have such a work:

Concordance Among Indices of Intrinsic Brain Function: Inter-Individual Variation and Temporal Dynamics Perspectives

Chao-Gan YanZhen YangStanley ColcombeXi-Nian ZuoMichael Milham


However, it has been rejected by Neruoimage after the second round review. We are preparing it to somewhere else. We will release these code in the next version of DPABI.