reorient after coreg



I've noticed that the 'reorient after coreg' option been removed from DPARSF in V3.0. Was there a reason for this? I used it regularly and would still like to. Is there another way to do it?




Hi Lisa,

As we have "Reorient Fun*" and "Reorient T1*" before coregistration, thus we don't need to do "Reorient after Coreg" anymore.

However, if you strongly want to do that, here is the way:

1. Set up the parameters at DPARSFA V3.0, and save as "XXX.mat" (Save button).

2. And then type in matlab commond window:

load XXX.mat

Cfg.IsNeedReorientInteractivelyAfterCoreg = 1;



Then you will get what you want.