rest two test analysis

Dear experts, 

I want to know, if I'm on the right way performing this two test. 

I've 2 resting groups and I pretend to compare a specific Zroi files from a previous DPARSF analysis without any kind of mask. 

Just one group against the other.

What do you think? It will  be ok? or it will be better to perform it with a created or a template mask for each ROI. 


Doing it in this way, with SPM and uncorrected p at 0.001 I can find some significant differences and with Rest two-test tool I can see the differences too.


What do you think?


Thank you in advance!



Comparing the two groups with REST two-sample t-test is fine.

However, uncorrected p at 0.001 usually is not acceptable in most journals. You may need to do multiple comparison correction within a mask (e.g., the brain 50% mask).



thank you so much for your answer!

Is it possible to do it with rest multiple comparisons tool? I'm not sure how to perform it, between 2 groups...



You just do two sample t test between the two groups. Then you can use Gaussian Random Filed theory correction, or use AlphaSim after estimating smoothness.



Ok, thank you again!