Setup for ancova with covariates


I'm trying to set up an ANCOVA with covariates.  I have FD as one covarate and 4 groups (numbered 1, 2,3,4)

How do I set up the analysis.  Can I load in an FD.txt file and a file with groups listed as 1-4, or do I make a multicolumn file with 5 columns, or do I need a separate file for each group, as well as 1 for FD?  Also, how will I know from the output that the covariate has been removed from the data prior to the group F test being computed?



Hi Matt,

1. For the 4 groups, you have to add 4 groups (4 times) in ANCOVA GUI.

2. For FD, make 4 separate files for each group. (Add other covariates 4 times)

3. If you added other covariates, them will be taken into account in the ANCOVA analysis.