SPM pre-processed data DPARSFA ReHo,ALFF,fALFF

Hi experts,


      I want to compute ALFF , ReHo and fALFF from SPM pre-processed (realigned,coregistered,normalized,smoothed,segmented) data. But when I try to do that analysis it throws normalizing error at DPARSFA step. It has produced fALFF,ALFF and ReHo even FC then after it has failed at normalize (Tried with EPI templates, T1, Dartel ). Here is my problem ; Result sets of this analyses are not fitting with anatomical sets why is that happening ?  How can I fix that ? 




If your data is already normalized, please don't select normalize in DPARSF.

Ok thanks for reply.

      But briefly my problem is the align problem. When I look the ALFF,fALFF and ReHo result almost all of them is not aligned properly. I checked the set that I entered for these computing -which SPM preprocessed set- it looks very fine aligned. Everything allright but align.  How can I translate or align or something to fix this problem ? 



For clarify,

        I want to compute just ALFF,fALFF and ReHo but it throws many errors I do not know why ? Is something like that possible ? Does DPARSFA work with SPM outputs ? If so, I merged my SPM outputs with spm_file_merge to make them 4D and entered them as input then I checked only ALFF-fALFF , ReHo and (optinial but FC) checkboxes the hit the run button. But, it havent done it without any error yet.


Thanks Abdullah

"checked only ALFF-fALFF , ReHo and (optinial but FC) checkboxes the hit the run button." should work.

What's the error message?



      It throws "formatted arguments must be scalar". But before I managed to do these computations on same set but the result was not aligned however the SPM outputs fits perfectly on the template

      I think it is about the 3D to 4D transformation. I used spm_file_merge to merge spm 3D nii outputs  to 4D nii outputs. Do you advice any transformation way to do this transformation ? My whole brief process for 90 subject is at following;

-4D  nii files to 3D nii files (spm_file_split)

-SPM pre-process (Realign, Coregistration,Normalization,Smoothing ) still 3D files (sncrsub1*1,sncrsub1*2....sncrsub1*n -for one subject-) 

-SPM 3D outputs (148 nii files per subject) to 4D -90 nii files-set (spm_file_merge)

-DPARSFA  ALFF,fALFF,ReHo analysis on generated 4D sets. 

Thanks, Abdullah



     It has been 5 days. I still can't find out how to convert 3D to 4D properly as DPARSFA can accept.





You don't need to convert 3D to 4D for DPARSF.

Make a snapshot for the error message and post here.