T Statistical Image from Paired T-test

Dear experts:

I performed a paired t-test and the output were the TP.nii  image and the effect size map. I could not find information about the output in the online courses.

Would you explain how I should make sense of this T statistical image output ( including the 3 values: P, Thrd and the one on the very top under Brain Images catogory?

How do I know if there is a significant difference between the 2 conditions that I have given from this image? Does P stand for P-value, if I set it up to 0.05, what information should I look for?

Also, what an effect size map is specifically?





Thank you a lot in advance!



Please watch http://rfmri.org/course

III. Resting-State fMRI: Quality Control, Standardization, Statistical Analysis, Results Viewing, The R-fMRI Maps Project and Introduction to DPABI