Trouble in fMRI data preprocessing

Hi Teacher Yan,

My operating environment:win7, spm12, rest1.8, DPABI_v2.1_160415, Matlab2012a

The data I'm using:ADHD_Peking(just functional part)

When i press the button 'RUN',the result(below):

Here is my data and data stored path,as you said, each subject's fMRI NIFTI image in one directory and I put them in 'FunImg' directory under the working directory.

Here is my DPARSF setting:

Sit back and waiting for your crucial guidance!


The working directory should be G:\Analysis.

3Q so much,Teacher Yan, I had soluted the problem 'Error cd...cannot cd G:\Analysis\...'.

Would you please check my another problem?3Q teacher(I'm a rookie....)

Here is my parameters setting:

Then I press 'RUN',fortunately,it didn't report error.After matlab running  for a little while, the command line remind me to set the output path, so I set 'G:\Analysis\T1Img', ...and then command line asked for me to input the '  Enter a value of -1 to flip 3rd and 4th dimensions.  Enter volumes to remove ', so I input '-1'. I repeat the aforementioned setup 85 times(I have 85 subjects) until it ended.= =

When it came to the 'subject001'(I don't kown why the sequence of process is inverted),the error occured (see the picture below)

Then I check my directory,there is nothing in 'G:\Analysis\T1Img', but , in the 'G:\Analysis\T1Raw\Subject...' , I found 85 new .nii.gz file.= =

I'm not sure whether I get the correct proprecessed files.

>>>Waiting for your answer online.



Try run with the demo data to learn the data structure setting of DPARSFA.