VIDEO Tutorials for GraphVar available

Submitted by Johann Kruschwitz on

Dear rfMRI community,

due to many requests we have finally recorded a collection of comprehensive video tutorials for GraphVar (Youtube Channel).
These include:
- Introduction to Brain Netwok Analysis - Theoretical Concepts (2 Parts; 1 hour)
- GraphVar User Interface - Workflows (Brain Network Analysis Part 1/2; 1 hour)
- GraphVar Results Viewer - Analysis Examples (Brain Network Analysis Part 2/2; 40 min)
- Dynamic Brain Network Analysis with GraphVar - Workflows (20 min)
- Community Detection and Analysis with GraphVar - Analysis Example (40 min)
- Longitudinal Brain Network Analysis with GraphVar - Analysis Examples (25 min)

... more to come.

Link to Youtube Channel:

All the best on behalf of the GraphVar Team,