what's the meaning of files in FunImgRWSCovs

Dear all,

I cannot figure out precise meaning of some files in the folder of FunImgRWSCovs, such as ROICorrelation_subjn.txt, ROICorrelation_FisherZ_subjn.txt. 

What I could basic understand is that these files contain the information I want to regress out, such as ROI_OrderKey_subjn.tsv contain the white matter and CSF from your default mask, and extract these signal into ROISignals_subjn.txt. In terms of ROICorrelation_FisherZ_subjn.txt, I know it is Z transforamtion of ROICorrelation_subjn.txt, but I cannot understand the meaning of ROICorrelation_subjn.txt, does it contain the inforamtion of headmotion?

I am looking forward to your answers.




This is just correlations between the covariate ROI Signals you defined.

The covariates for nuisance regression are in: CovariablesSub_001.mat. Please pay attention to this file.