error during final exporting of xls

Submitted by marcelofebo1 on

We modified the parcellation in GraphVar 2.02 and added in house rat brain atlas. Everything seems fine up until final stage of exporting. We think it might be callback of different atlas (human) but not sure. We are using Matlab 2017a. Here is the error message. Thank you for any help you can provide:


t-test degrees of freedom

Submitted by Marieke on

Hi you all,

I am using Matlab Version 2019a, and GraphVar 2.02. I am calculating group comparisons with 4 subgroups that arise when combining 2 factors (factor A and B) so that I am calculating e.g., A0 + B0 vs. A1 + B0. Hence, I have 6 comparisons in total. My total n is 211, but my subgroups have an n of 60, 47, 24, and 80, respectively.

Upon analyzing the output, I encountered two difficulties:


Error using tlstsq

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I repeatedly encounter an error, irrespective of measure, binary or weighted measures, and irrespective whether graph metrics are normalized with random networks. I attach the workspace I would prefer to use as well as the error code. :)

I would be very grateful for any help! :)

I am using MATLAB R2019a, we are calculating with 211 subjects. Here, I only selected 11 ROIs and 11 thresholds.

Thank you very much!


GraphVar 2.02 released

Submitted by Johann Kruschwitz on
New features in GraphVar 2.02:
1. Data-driven group-level representation of network modular architecture using a 2-level consensus clustering technique  (1st level: individual consensus; 2nd level: group consensus)
2. Modular Classification-Consistency and Classification-Diversity across individuals can be used to understand the role of each node within the network
3. More dynamic network measures as in Seizemore et al., 2017 (NeuroImage)
4. Tutorial introducing the new consensus based communtiy functionalities

Concatenate time-series across runs

Submitted by NinaGoossens on

Dear experts, 

We performed three separate fMRI runs, during which we applied muscle vibration at 60 Hz and at 20 Hz in blocks of 18s, which were separated by 18s blocks of rest (no vibration). Each block is preceded by a short verbal instruction (3s, 1 scan). By contrasting 60 Hz to 20 Hz vibration, we determine brain activation during proprioceptive processing.

cannot extract measures from sample matrices

Submitted by lnestor on

I have read the GraphVar manual - it's all very clear. I want to get used to simply calculating and exporting graph measures using the Conn Matrix files in the sample workspace.  I have loaded just two of the files (to make it quicker) and chosen to calculate measures on the weighted matrices. I chose to extract the Weighted: Strength (UND) values. When I try to do this it just locks the screen and doesn't show anything else (i.e. progress bars). I don't receive any error messages. I have tried on other weighted measures and experience the same thing.