Coregistering 4D volume nifti to normalized AutoMask nifti


I apologize for the many question, but again I'm stuck and looking for some advice ;).

After processing of the RS data, DPARSF gives me a filtered 4DVolume file. I want to extract the timecourse of single within brain voxels to calculate some own value and create a nifti in the dimension of MNI space which I can overlay with the ICBM template for example.  My approach was to coregister (Est & Resclice via SPM gui) the 4D nifti file to the wAutoMask file, multiply them and then extract the voxels.

But it seems I only can coregister one volume of the 4D nifti at a time and the batch mode doesn't help much.

Is there any function in DPARSF which helps me out here or a better approach respectively?

Thanks in advance




Hi David,
I am not sure if I understood your question fully. If you have used the default parameters to perform normalization beforehand, then the filtered 4DVolume file is already in MNI space. You don't need to perform the coregistration further, just use the wAutoMask to extract directly.




ah ok..sorry, my bad I was using the Normalize Derivatives option. Now, with the normal settings, I have a folder with a normalized filtered image :).

Thanks for the help again!!