Transformation Matrix used in normalization (DPARSFA)


I'm  using DPARSFA in preprocessing and i would like to  know where can I find  the transformation matrix used in normalization. 
Many thanks in advance!


It depends on which method you are using.

For example, if you are using T1 image unified segmentation, you can use T1ImgSegment/Sub**/*_inv_sn.mat.

If you are using DARTEL, it's a little complicated. Please spend some time to study y_WarpBackByDARTEL.m




I'm using T1 image unified segmentation. I have a group of pacients that I choose not to normalize (I'm making analysis for pre-surgical planning). The main difficult now is to identify the activated brain regions in these pacients. I was trying to convert  native space  to MNI space so I can figure out what areas they are. Is there any existing way to perform this? If, not, do you have any ideia in how can I proceed?

You can choose DPARSFA->Template Parameters->Calculate in Original Space. It calculates in original space and normalize the final results to MNI.