DPARSF Smooth Derivatives error

Hi team, 

I encountered this error when using DPARSF (see the attachments file). I think It was in the last processing step (Smooth Derivatives).

My OS is ubuntu. How to deal with this? Thanks very much.




Seems it complains too many files. How many participants do you have?

Only forty-five.


By the way, Could you please provide me the brain region files for ROISignals_sub**  in results folder after processed by dpabisurf? I think there are 2986 rois, and it is hard for me to know the brain regions and its coordinations represents. Thanks very much.

Try to reduce the number of participants to debug and report here.

You can have a look on the ROI settings and learn about the ROI files.


While, I am confused with the ROI numbers here.

For dpabisurf, there were 2986 columns in ROISignals files. I think the last 2233 columns corresponding to the ROIs based on volume analysis. While for the lh_surf, rh_surf, the ROI numbers is 180+200+180+200 = 760. And 760 + 2233 is not equal to 2986. So I am confused here. Any wrong with this? Thanks



For the default parameters, there should be 2993 columns.

Thanks. While, I used the default paramters, and tried several times. The ROI matrix has 2986 columns, not 2993. I used the latest version DPABI_V4.3_200401. So quite strange.