Questions about Repeated Measures ANOVA

Dear Prof Yan

I have some questions about statistical analysis.

In our study, all patients were assigned to three groups, with two different medication treatment and one medication-naive control. And all these patients accepted MRI scan at baseline and after 12 weeks. Now, my question is as followings:

1. Can we compare the group × time interaction effects on brain activity indicators by repeated measures ANOVA, such as ALFF,fALFF and ReHo. At first, I try to do this by mixed-effects comparison, but it can only treat two factors.

2.How can I do the post-hoc analysis by using DPABI?

3. How should I display the final results?





1. DPABI only supports 2x2. You can try SPM.

2. You can do simple effect analysis -> 3. Just extract the ROI values and plot.