Reorientation Matrices


I am using DPARSF to run FC on data from the INDI project.

On the main page of the DPARSF website, I read "Given the amount of time and effort for interactive reorienting, the reorient matrices for online data such as 1000 Functional Connectomes Project" and there was a link to download "reorientation matrices"

I can only find reorientation matrices for the ABIDE project on this page. Are there any other reorientation matrices available for INDI projects?


Thank you!


Please visit the updated page of

Now, there are 1) Autism Brain Imaging Data Exchange (ABIDE); 2) 1000 Functional Connectomes’ Project; 3) NYU test-retest dataset (NYU TRT); and 4) NYU ADHD (part of ADHD-200 sample).

Hope this information can be helpful.



This is wonderful! Thank you very much!