The R-fMRI Maps Project

Rest MDD Head Motion Data

Submitted by brainstorming on

Dear Experts,

I'm conducting some analysis on the REST-meta-MDD consortium Data. As you did before I'm also using linear mixed models, and I would like to include head motion as covariable as you did in Yan et al. 2019, nonetheless I don't seem to find the data of head motion in the Data base, could you explain to me from where can I take this data. Thanks in advance. 


ROI order for Harvard-Oxford subcortical atlas

Submitted by lyndon.boone on

Hi there,

On the data sharing structure page ( it states that ROIs 213-228 correspond to the subcortical areas of the Harvard-Oxford atlas (16 ROIs total). I'm wondering if there is a reference which lists which regions these ROIs correspond to in order. For example, FSL lists 21 "regions" as part of the subcortical Harvard-Oxford atlas:

Data Sharing of the REST-meta-MDD Project from the DIRECT Consortium

Submitted by YAN Chao-Gan on

(Note: Part of the content of this post was adapted from the original DIRECT Psychoradiology paper ( and REST-meta-MDD PNAS paper ( under CC BY-NC-ND license.)

The question about the parameters of T1 images and information of medication

Submitted by jessica on

To whom it may concern, 

We submited a research paper about the MDD classification based on structural MRI (T1 image) to Cerebral Cortex, and two of the review comments is:

1. No parameters of T1 images were listed. Are the same across 25 sites? If not, did the author take measures to minimum site’s effects?  

Raw fMRI scan images

Submitted by mnfuad3 on

Thank you again for sharing this data.
I wonder if the raw fMRI scan image files are available online somewhere. 
I wanted to use my own procedure of fMRI preprocessing pipeline, however I can only download the already parcelated fMRI time-series.
To confirm, am I correct on the aforementioned enquiry or I still can find the fMRI image files on your server? 
I know the raw images should be of hughe size, but if site-20 is available, that would be much enough.



REST-meta-MDD subject information

Submitted by ycwei on

Dear experts,

Thank you very much for sharing this dataset.

I have noticed that in your reference paper's supplementary file that you shared the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAMD) and Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAMA) for each subject. I checked the github page( and data I been downloaded on FTP server but didn't find it.